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Introducing the DetaClip...

Introducing the DetaClip...


Our product has been designed to give you the performance and safety you would expect and need when working on railway lines, performing track maintenance and repairs.
It has been designed from the ground up using flexible and durable materials delivering full term working life span of your detonators.


Detaclip has been designed to hold a standard railway fog signal/detonator within its jaws to then be securely held on any track profile.
It has been rigorously tested to Network Rail’s standards and above. It has been proven to hold a detonator more securely in situ over the existing lead-strap method.
It can withstand constant use and is guaranteed for 5 years, it will stay where you put it on the track until removed.
Although safety is our first concern, Detaclip will give you a cost saving and effective return on investment, giving you up to 75% savings on your detonator expenditure.
Detaclip - Fog Signal / Detonator Holder – The Railway Shop
"The Jennings detonator retaining clip has been proven to be fit for purpose through exhaustive laboratory testing and high speed site trial. The clip has been proven to stay in place on the rail head in conditions exceeding international standards EN50125, as well as under additional simulated rail corrugation test. High speed site trial at 100mph showed faultless performance.
In comparison to the traditional method of fixing the detonator to the track with lead strap, the Jennings detonator retaining clip offers a higher performance in terms of vibration resistance and fatigue life.
In our product trial it was reported by the staff that the detonators were held more securely to the rail head where our clips were employed. This was on all rail profiles and in all weather conditions. This has now been proven by laboratory testing as above.
Our trial participants reported that they, “felt safer using Detaclips and that safety all round had been improved.”
– Extract from DeltaRail Report
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