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Till Dawn Lamp - Maxilite™ LED - Red Lens (Batteries Sold Separate)

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Ursprünglicher Preis
£14.99 - £14.99
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Maxilite™ LED

The Maxilite™ LED is the latest lamp from JSP. This Dual function lamp is bright, versatile and long lasting.

Carry handle - Practical moulded carry handle to aid transporting and siting.

Swivel head - The lens surround swivels giving 360° vision.

Static or Flashing - Dual function photocell operation.

Allen key - Each lamp has an allen key for bolt assembly and mode operation.

Versatility - Can be fixed to barriers simply using the included bolt, or to cones using the cone/lamp bracket

LUM000-000-200 - Universal lamp cone bracket can be used with this traffic lamp, sold separately

Extended battery life - The Maxilite™ uses energy saving LED bulbs to enhance battery life giving an extended period of use.

Not supplied with batteries. 6V Twin Prong Square Batteries are accepted.

Conforms to EN 12352 and BS3143 Part 2.

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