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Railway lighting without light pollution with maximum safety

RailLight® is a high-quality patented aluminium fixture with a unique co-extruded liniLED® Top LED strip. Thanks to its special design, the RailLight® emits a floodlight effect, making walking paths perfectly visible at night. The combination of high quality, energy efficiency and minimal light pollution creates a new lighting experience in the railway industry.

Ideally suited for any rail siding where safety is a must. The grazing light creates a shadow so that obstacles are clearly visible. Due to the light distribution, the walkway next to the track is well lit without disturbing passers-by and local residents.The combination of a robust fixture with a high-quality light source results in a solid and reliable fixture in a harsh railway environment.

RailLight® is a luminaire with an aluminium housing that is attached to the outside of the train tracks. RailLight® makes traditional lighting on railways and sidings unnecessary. A new era of enlightenment for the railways has started. RailLight© creates a light effect without light pollution and creates a visible path at night that ensures safety on the site. The vibration-resistant components ensure a long product life. With its length of two metres (connectable up to 180 metres!) RailLight® is quick and easy to install. The RailLight® fixture has been specially developed for placement in the rail.

Benefits of the RailLight®

One power supply per 180 metres

The RailLight® elements are produced with inner wiring, enabling connections up to 90 metres. One power supply can illuminate up to 180 metres.

High-quality cables for a long service life

The high-quality cables are acid and UV resistant and contain rodent resistant chemicals.

Easy mounting with Plug and Play

Thanks to the plug-and-play coupling system, RailLight® is easy to assemble/ connect. There is no need to shut down the track, switch off overhead lines, hire large machines and extra manpower. You save a lot of time and costs during installation and maintenance, while you immediately see the light effect.

Removable and reusable

With the plug-and-play coupling system you can also remove and reuse RailLight®, without damaging the rails or the environment.

Cables are neatly and safely concealed

Specially designed cable mounting brackets secure the cables neatly and securely in the “heart” of the rail. There is no need to dig the cables in the ground, which saves extra costs and time.

Energy efficient

RailLight® has an excellent lumen/ Watt ratio, resulting in less energy consumption. One 200 W power supply can illuminate up to 180 metres. In addition to cost savings, fewer power supplies are also better for the environment. Energy costs are reduced by 50% or 70% compared to traditional lightpoles and spanwire lighting.

Minimal light pollution

Thanks to the special design of RailLight® the light is directed downwards, ensuring minimal light pollution in the environment. This has a positive influence on various biological, social, ecological and economic matters.

Effective heat dissipation

Thanks to the design and material, energy is converted into light. There is almost no heat, which contributes to the long service life. No additional heat sink is required.

Long lifespan: 60,000 hours

At the end of its life, 90% of RailLight® still has 80% of its original lumen output (L80/ B10).

Safety in the train cabin

The light is directed downwards thanks to the special design of RailLight®. This prevents drivers in train cabins and other trackside personnel from being blinded.

Less chance of failure

The liniLED® Top LED strip is made with one continuous print (reel to reel production). Therefore, it is not made up of multiple sections. No extra soldering points = less chance of failure.

No physical strength and better cooling

An “air cushion” between the LEDs and the PVC housing prevents physical force on the LEDs. In addition, it provides better cooling of the LEDs to ensure long life. Especially in combination with the aluminium profile.

On-site safety

Pathways need to be well lit to get to your workplace safe. Thanks to the floodlight effect of RailLight®, paths are perfectly visible at night.

External power supply

The power supply contains the 24 V DC driver and is located safely away from the track. Maintenance can thus be done safely without direct interference with the track. There is no need to shut down all tracks, hire large machines and extra manpower, which saves time and money.

Maximum light output

The unique 110° white co-extrusion creates maximum reflection for maximum light output.


The special mounting brackets make it difficult to steal the product.

Protected against impact damage

The lighting fixture is secured in the “heart” of the rail with lockable mounting brackets.

Vibration resistant

The vibration-resistant components ensure a long product life.

IK08 protection

High robustness makes it suitable for almost any environment. Protected against impact energy of 5 joules.

Uniform light output over the entire length

Power regulators on each SEU (single electrical unit) guarantees a constant 24 V without power fluctuations.

Long-term resistant to external threats

Acid resistant l UV resistant l Anti roden

Better investment of time and money

Save at least 50% on installation and maintenance costs compared to lightpoles and spanwire lighting. Energy costs are reduced by 50% or 70% compared to traditional lightpoles or spanwire lighting to ensure a short payback period.

All fixtures from the RailLight® series are developed and produced in the EU.

Would you like more information about Raillight®?

For IES/LDT files, DEKRA certificates or technical information, please contact our team:

Sales Enquiries:
 01977 317 977


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