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Pelgage Voidmeter - supplied in sets of 10

SKU TRS-PELGAGE-0040/017651
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PADS no.: 0040/017651.

Track deterioration begins from the moment the track is laid. Measuring the level of deterioration under normal traffic conditions is very important, and the Universal clip-on Voidmeter a really useful tool for all railway trackmen.

They can be easily clipped on the foot of the Flat Bottom or Bulk Head rails, the footpiece rests firmly on the ballast and the sliding collar is pressed up to the underside of the main bracket. One Voidmeter is used for each sleeper bearing area.

The passage of a train over a voided sleeper causes the main bracket to depress the sliding collar. The rail returns after the train has passed, and the gap then left between the main bracket and the sliding collar on the vertical pin is the void.

The moulded components of the Pelgage Universal clip-on Voidmeter are supplied in high-grade MARANYL nylon in bright yellow and the rods are finished in satin chrome.

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