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Slimline NTBM Hanging Lamp with Limpet Fixing

SKU TRS-0039/001149
Ursprünglicher Preis £256.20 - Ursprünglicher Preis £256.20
Ursprünglicher Preis
£256.20 - £256.20
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A safer method of working is achieved by this standard, multi fit universal system for all types of stock, whether steel, GRP, or aluminium sided trains, to enable "MCE NOT TO BE MOVED" Signs and Lights to be safely and securely fitted at depots, platforms locations and fuel points.

Safety Features This innovative fixing system enables the standardisation of "NOT TO BE MOVED" signs across all train fleets. It enhances safety by ensuring that ALL TRAIN DRIVERS & MAINTENANCE STAFF know when & where a NTBM sign is fitted and are able to take control of their own safety.

Once fitted the "NOT TO BE MOVED" Sign is locked to the train, deterring unauthorised removal. The secure fixing makes sure that the sign will not come detached in all weather conditions and at all locations inside and outside of Depots. The plates can be fitted at two points on the train, high for platform locations or lower for use at ground level working. For further details and prices please contact our Sales Office.

Weight 2.0KG

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