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BA04b Limited Clearance Sign - 300mm x 300mm

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£37.58 - £43.69
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Sign Ref: BA04b Limited Clearance (red/white)

Class 2 (High Intensity) on Dibond c/w Channel & POF

The sign means a continuous position of safety is interrupted for more than 2 m. The sign is not to be used if either references BA03 nor BA05 are applicable. The sign should be positioned along the cess, without creating a tripping or snagging hazard. The sign should be readable from the approved walking route.

The recommended minimum size is Y = 12.5 mm. The exclamation mark conforms to ISO 7010-W001. The chequered sign remains in use because it is the sign recognised by staff. The Yellow triangle is required by The Health and Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations 1996. The two signs should be used together. This document should be read in conjunction with GI/RT7033 Lineside Signs.

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