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Bance Platform Gauge PLG/STD

SKU: TRS-BANCE-094/007064
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The Bance Platform Gauge was designed to help set the platform coping stones to the track. It achieves this by measuring both height and distance from the outside rail running edge, on a level between both rails. It can be used to both set the platform stones, or check and measure their actual dimensions.

The platform gauge is both rigid and stable whilst as light and manageable as possible. It has handles and is balanced to enable one person to manoeuvre and operate it, with clear simple and precise ruler settings. The gauge can be used with no fear of making electrical signalling contact between the two rails, so it will not affect any signalling equipment.


  • ·  Aluminium Alloy and Stainless Steel

  • ·  Silver Anodised and Powder Coated Yellow

  • ·  2355 horizontal x 1310 vertical

  • ·  Separates into 2 sections for ease of transportation

  • ·  14 kg

  • ·  This gauge is not screened against high voltage conductor rails

  • ·  Calibration certificate supplied which requires annual renewal. Accuracy ± 2mm

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