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Chemfix 100 – 400ml

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A two component chemical anchoring injection system in 1:1 ratio. A formulation derived from pure epoxy with very high bond strength, developed principally to anchor threaded rods and rebar into concrete. Used for high performance structural applications.


• Suitable for high loads featuring large diameters and deep embedments.
• Longer working times make it suitable for large holes, and high temperatures.
• No shrinkage, good for large diameter fixings.
• Use in wet or flooded environments and fixing holes, or underwater.
• High durability, resistance to chemicals.
• Used for diamond drilled holes.
• Solvent free resin.
• Fixings in concrete, wood, or other high strength materials.


• 18/1157 ETA TR023 Post Installed Rebar Installations.
• 19/0705 ETA Option 1 Concrete
• C1 and C2 Seismic Approval
• 100 Years Anchor Service Life
• CE Certified 1404-CPR-3135 / 3267 ZAG
Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP Shock Test Approval BZS D 22-605.
• WRAS Approved for use with Potable drinking water*
• LEED tested 2009 EQ c4.1 SCAQMD rule 1168 (2005.)
• VOC A+ Rating (Volatile Organic Content)

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